fleet-surveys is a team of researchers and marketers dedicated solely to the vehicle fleet industry.

Our industry background spans vehicle leasing, fuel cards, fleet management, banking, FMCG and IT.

Functionally, we come from marketing, data analytics, sales and engineering.

We know from experience that specialist sectors get the most bang for their buck when served by specialist providers. We are one.

And we believe that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So, for our research clients we offer marketing, prospecting and communication services which build on the very insights we have generated. 


For ALL suppliers of goods and services to corporate vehicle fleets we provide:

  • Market research & insight across all fleet products and segments
  • Segmentation, lead generation & appointment setting
  • Events for a pre-selected fleet audience
  • Fleet generated Net Promoter Score for suppliers / brands
  • Customer experience measurement 

We interview thousands of fleet managers every year as well as many dozens of providers of fleet related goods and services. We integrate survey results with any reliable secondary data. Then our advanced data analytics capabilities help reveal further insight.

Your specific need may be met best by one our off-the-shelf reports on the individual fleet market, or by a custom-made project; we offer both.

We know that markets differ hugely from one country to the next. So, we deliver our services locally. In every country where we establish fully-fledged operations, we set up a communications channel through a local language website serving local fleet suppliers and operators.

For companies with medium sized to large fleets we can provide a customized fleet audit service. The audit usually helps:

  • define corporate strategy re. business mobility and transport
  • answer the question: ‘own or outsource’
  • measure the true cost of the fleet & affiliated operations
  • define the operational and strategic fleet metrics that need to be tracked
  • apply best practice across fleet operations
  • achieve cost reductions set against performance, risk and tax implications

In short, we do this for all providers of goods and services who treat car fleets as their truly KEY accounts.

Functionally the direct recipients of our services are usually in:
  • sales & marketing
  • general management
  • business planning
  • business development
  • key account management
Industry-wise our clients are:
  • Auto brands
  • Leasing companies
  • Fuel card providers
  • GPS service providers
  • SMR networks
  • oil, tires and auto-parts companies
  • fleet management software providers
  • health & safety service providers etc. etc.

We have done primary fleet research and business consultancy in markets ranging from Britain to Bulgaria.

But, broadly speaking, we focus on EMERGING MARKETS where most of the growth (as well as most of the risk) is.

Wе are expanding and where our full range of operations gets established, we set up a full-time local team as well as a LOCAL LANGUAGE website.

Even if the area of your interest is not on the map you see, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Image Map

Across emerging markets the fleet (business) end of the auto market is in our view left quite UNDERSERVED.

Fleet decision making is very different from its consumer counterpart. More often than not it is a GROUP decision, a LESS EMOTIVE one and one which requires an exceptionally large range of SKILLS and KNOWELDGE: engineering, finance, accounting, law, HR, to name just a few.

Given that fleet costs are often some of the largest a company incurs these decisions are also relatively important.

B2B research and marketing is in many ways more of a CHALLENGE than its consumer counterpart. But by

  • researching SOLELY the fleet & affiliated markets via alternative standpoints and methodologies, and by
  • communicating DIRECTLY with fleets as an independent analyst via a dedicated local language channel

>>fleet-surveys is in the UNIQUE position to help fleet suppliers define a clear strategy and market more successfully their goods and services to the fleet market.

Apart from improved sales performance, the end result is a more cost-effective and sustainable transport and business mobility. In the process we also support road safety and electric vehicle projects and initiatives.


If you may be interested, don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you write to us we will be in contact within two working days.

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